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We offer many types, shapes, and sizes of trophies to fit to your needs. From a small trophy figure on a base to a large 6 foot trophy.  We build all our customized trophies in house to your chosen size and style.  We work within your budget to give you the highest quality product at a price you can afford.

Due to the large variety of options available, it is best to come and talk to us in person about your order, but do not hesitate to call or email us with any questions you have.

Customizable Trophies

We build all our customized trophies in house, that way we can make sure they fit for the event you need them for.  We keep a variety of color columns and figures in stock.  If you would like your logo on a trophy, or need a trophy for a unique event, we can also custom color sublimate figures.  Your options are endless.  We have even made trophies that were over 6 ft. tall!

Resin Trophies

If you would like a different look than a normal trophy, we also have resin trophies available.  We have small school mascots trophies, large golf trophies, and even something goofy like a little bobblehead sports figure.  All resin trophies are ordered and engraved in house, so please give us extra time to get your piece in.

Large Figure Trophies

We provide large figure trophies for many different sporting events.  Perfect for schools, large tournaments, or fantasy sports.  We can even perpetuate the sides of the base and engrave the winner's name of each year.

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We build our customized trophies in house, but above is a selection of product catalogs that contain resin trophies, or other options.  Any award special ordered from a catalog is subject to shipping charges.  Also, please give us extra time to receive your piece to engrave.

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