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We custom build a variety of awards in house, but above is a selection of product catalogs that can be special ordered.  Any award special ordered from a catalog is subject to shipping charges.  Also, please give us extra time to receive your piece to engrave.

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Plaques & Acrylics

We offer many types, shapes, and sizes of Plaques and Acrylics to fit to your needs. Whether you need an award for a kindergarten spelling bee, or a retirement gift for your most valuable employee, we have you covered.  We work within your budget to give you the highest quality product at a price you can afford.

Due to the large variety of options available, it is best to come and talk to us in person about your order, but do not hesitate to call or email us with any questions you have.

Laser Engraved Plaques

We custom build most of our plaques to your needs.  Choose from multiple sizes, boards, and plate colors.  We can even engrave into the wood of the board.

Color Sublimated Plaques

Do you want your color logo proudly presented at the top of your plaque?  What about your team's picture on a plaque you want to present to the team coach?  We can do that and more with color sublimation.  We have multiple sizes, boards, and metal plates for you to choose from to create a vibrant color plaque personalized to your liking.

Combination Plaques

Like the look of the laser plaques, but still want your logo in color?  We can make that happen.  Just let us know what you're going for, and we'll make it work.

Perpetual Plaques

Employee of the month plaques, scholarship plaques, memorial plaques, even fantasy football plaques are best on a perpetual plaque.  We build the entire plaque with all the plates, and you bring in the individual plates when you need them engraved.  We have many different styles and sizes for you to choose from.

Laser Engraved Acrylics

Acrylics look very elegant and are a favorite for corporate employee appreciation awards.  We have so many different shapes and sizes to choose from.  All acrylics are ordered and engraved in house, so please give us extra time to get your piece in.

Color Sublimated Acrylics

Do you like the look of an acrylic award, but would like your logo or picture in color?  We now provide color sublimated acrylics.  A beautiful new process.  We order all acrylics and personalize them in house, so please give us extra time to get your piece in.

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